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Serving Nevada, Placer & El Dorado Counties

Since 1987 Blu Sky Window Cleaning has been professionally cleaningResidential, Commercial and Industrial properties in  Nevada County  and surrounding areas.  We share one common goal with our clients and that is to clean and protect your glass from the elements and help maintain your investment.

We are the FIRST and ONLY window cleaning company in
Nevada County to clean exterior glass with deionized water.

Architectural glass and its components have become more and more scientifically advanced and so has the cleaning of them.  Glass is made up of many micro pores, dirt and minerals from natural elements collect in these pores and cannot be thoroughly removed without complete rinsing.  The amount oftechnical knowledge of glass surfaces, proper cleaning requirements, environmental hazards and worker safety have become of utmost importance when selecting a window cleaner. Labyrinths of new cleaning procedures, skills and liability issues have developed along with the new advancements in glass technology.
Your home, rental or business is a huge investment that makes it essential to choose a window cleaning contractor that can effectively clean, protect and maintain that investment.  

The use of deionized water is the most exciting technological advancement in window cleaning since the invention of the squeegee. You may wonder what’s the difference? Water from the tap and rain contains impurities. Whether it is ground minerals picked up along the way, additives that make it safe for drinking, minerals in the rain cycle, or building and gutter run off, none of these impurities do windows any good. This is what causes spotting on windows.

Worse yet, if the glass is not properly maintainedthrough regular cleaning, these minerals will eventually permanently stain the glass. Deionization completely filters these impurities and allows the glass, screen and window frame to dry spot free.

Today, with manufacturing advances in insulated glass, glass coatings, IG sealants and tempering processes, together with innovation in the architectural use of glass,window cleaning has become much more sophisticated and can no longer be taken for granted.

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